Artists' eBooks

2011 was a collaborative project exploring new platforms and formats for writers and artists, featuring downloadable ebooks by contemporary practitioners.

As well as devising the project and commissioning the work, I designed and produced the eBooks themselves, and the distribution and development website.


"eBooks, as we’ve been saying for some time, have massive potential to revolutionise not only how we read, but what we read. The incorporation of audio and video, the possibilities for curation, quotation, linking and sharing, the vast scope of low-to-no-cost distribution and the low barriers to entry should excite us all.

"In particular, I’m fascinated to see how artists and writers respond to these new opportunites, platforms and technologies. It was in conversation with the writer Tony White that the idea for Artists’ eBooks first surfaced, and I’m very pleased and grateful that Tony has allowed three new short stories to form the opening line-up at Artists’ eBooks."

Artists' eBooks