James Bridle (b. 1980) is a writer, artist, and technologist.

James uses they/them pronouns.

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James Bridle is a writer, artist and technologist. They are the author of 'New Dark Age' (2018) and 'Ways of Being' (2022) and their work can be found at http://jamesbridle.com.

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James Bridle is a writer, artist and technologist. Their artworks have been commissioned by galleries and institutions and exhibited worldwide and on the internet. Their writing has appeared in magazines and newspapers including Wired, the Atlantic, the New Statesman, the Guardian, and the Financial Times. They are the author of 'New Dark Age' (2018) and 'Ways of Being' (2022), and they wrote and presented "New Ways of Seeing" for BBC Radio 4 in 2019. Their work can be found at http://jamesbridle.com.


My artworks and installations have been exhibited in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, and have been viewed by hundreds of thousands visitors online. I have been commissioned by organisations including the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Barbican, Artangel, the Oslo Architecture Triennale, the Istanbul Design Biennial, and been honoured by Ars Electronica, the Japan Media Arts Festival, and the Design Museum, London.

My writing on literature, culture and networks has appeared in magazines and newspapers including the Guardian, Frieze, Wired, Domus, the Atlantic, the New Statesman, the Financial Times, and many others, in print and online, and I have written a regular column for the Observer. My formulation of the New Aesthetic research project has spurred debate and creative work across multiple disciplines, and continues to inspire critical and artistic responses.

I published New Dark Age, a book about technology, politics, and society, in 2018, with Verso (UK, US), which has been translated into over a dozen languages. In 2019, I wrote and presented New Ways of Seeing, a four-part series on art and technology for BBC Radio 4. My second book, 'Ways of Being' (Penguin / FSG), about technology, ecology, and more-than-human intelligence, was published in 2022.

I lecture regularly on radio, at conferences, universities, and other events, including SXSW, The Next Web, the Global Art Forum, Re:Publica and TED. I have been a resident at Lighthouse, Brighton, the White Building, London, and SVA and Eyebeam, New York. I have been an Adjunct Professor on the Interactive Telecommunications Programme at New York University, a Lecturer at the Dutch Art Institute, and a convenor of the School of Infinite Rehearsals, Onassis AIR, Athens.

My work received an Honorary Mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2013 and again in 2023, an Excellence Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival 2014, an Honorary Mention at CERN COLLIDE 2016, and was shortlisted for the Future Generation Art Prize 2014. I won the Design Museum Graphics Design of the Year in 2014.

I hold a Master's Degree in Computer Science and Cognitive Science from University College, London, and wrote my dissertation (2004) on creative applications of Artificial Intelligence.